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CONFESSION: I love amy schumer

That’s why, when my boss called me one Tuesday at 8:48 a.m., I jumped at the chance to work on this.

She told me that our client, ZipRecruiter, wanted to sponsor Schumer’s new Spotify podcast “Three Girls, One Keith.” Fresh off the release of “I Feel Pretty,” we knew this podcast’s listenership would be HUGE. Unfortunately, Schumer didn’t think ZipRecruiter “got” her. To disprove this, my boss asked if I’d be interested in writing a :30 script that fit with Schumer’s humor (i.e. equal parts irreverent and feminist) to try to win her over. After cranking out a clever script about ZipRecruiter’s one-click apply feature — which involved ‘clicking to apply for a job with one hand, while being able to do several other things with other hand, including that [ahem] *other* thing,’ our team sent it off to Schumer’s people. The result? A few days later, they were on-board.

Here are three :15 pre-roll scripts read by Schumer’s podcast co-host and best friend Rachel Feinstein.