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This first radio spot, "The Wine That Sings" was inspired by Louis Prima. Like Ruffino, he’s Italian, playful and charismatic. Best of all, his style is perfect to reflect the lively taste of Lumina Pinot Grigio.

I wrote the lyrics to be sung in a style similar to his and worked with a music house to create a swingin' sound to accompany the lyrics. We found a vocalist with the right amount of energy and pizzazz. And ultimately, the song came to life as this upbeat, toe-tappin' radio spot — which later launched an entire campaign, including print and OOH. 

This next entertaining :60 radio spot, "Lucky Socks," was created to get an African-American audience excited about playing Fortune 55 Scratchers. It aired on R&B/hip-hop stations in various markets in California.

Finally, this radio campaign featured actor/comedian Owen Wilson as Michelob Light’s guru who offered advice on everything from defective dating to social stereotypes. True to form, his enlightened wisdom came wrapped in a smarmy, slightly self-serving package. To accurately capture his trademark voice, I did extensive research (a.k.a. watched the Wes Anderson film library) and studied Wilson’s impeccable delivery of dry wit.

Definitely one of my favorite projects!